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Fake Hairy Mole Jewelry

Who could resist a tug?
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Gen Z hipsters! Sad because your square boss will not allow you to sport your expensive piercings? Prison Guards! Envious of the long hairs coming from your colleague's mole? BUNGCO can help you all!

Introducing: Fake Hairy Mole Jewelry! These fake moles are made of burnished olivine and quickly acquire a realistic greasy patina. Open them up and you can clip in one or more hairs - find them elsewhere on your body, or wherever you can acquire a few coarse bristles or a nice curly strand. Thread them into the Fake Mole, clip it together and wallah! one Fake Hairy Mole ready to clip into your pierced site.

Bosses will keep quiet, out of sensitivity for your evident deformity. Prisoners will quail when you twirl the hairs on your mole as you ponder their puinishments. Mod fashionites will outdo one another with the quantity and quality of hair sported by their piercings. How many Fake hairy Moles can you fit into your piercing? Dare you wear one on your tongue??

BUNGCO Variety Hair Pack sold seperately.

bungston, Nov 01 2006

Skin and Moles http://www.skinover.biz/
may want to look at this [xenzag, Nov 02 2006]


       Can the hairs be sound-enabled to go "pwing!" when you pluck one out?   

phundug, Nov 01 2006

       Gross. I'll take a gross.
DrCurry, Nov 01 2006

       I still get the hee-bee gee-bees thinking about this lady that I saw at a family dinner party- When I was a child there was this woman who had a big mole on her cheek with 2 thick strands of hair growing out of it. As bad as I hated all of my relatives giving me wet nasty kisses during holiday time, I was secretly hoping and praying that I am not related to this woman!
Jscotty, Nov 02 2006

       //or a nice curly strand.//
Are you recommending that people use pubic hairs?
Ling, Nov 03 2006

       A typical example of DIwhy?
Trickytracks, Nov 03 2006


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