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Filing Cabinet Refrigerator

File your food alphabetically
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Carrots. Hmm. I'm sure I filed them between the capsicum and the cheesecake.

It looks quite like an ordinary filing cabinet but it is indeed refrigerated.

4 horizontal pull out draws reveal your food items in an orderly fashion to which you wish to store them in. Most purchasers use an alphabetical index, but you may attribute your own order of importance as you see fit.

Comes in navy and cinnamon - as do all elves.

benfrost, Oct 30 2004


       elves under 'e'?
po, Oct 30 2004

       no. elves come in navy in cinnamon.   

       pixies come in other colours.   

       im not sure what colour troll come is.
benfrost, Oct 30 2004

       theres a conversation stopper! :)
po, Oct 30 2004

       Filled with cold beer sorted by brand, placed in the garage where I do all my filing.
FarmerJohn, Oct 30 2004


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