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Flattering light vest

Correct lighting configuration, always
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This garment is made of sturdy leather. Up to 4 or 6 metal protusions are mounted on it, in a star configuration around the head. Each of those carries a small spot light. A professional lighter can configure the perfect dramatic of cinematographic lighting for your vest, so that your face is always perfecty lit. A small rechargeable battery pack mounted on the back charges the whole thing.
Ehrm, Nov 14 2006

Elijah Eye Gloss Elijah_20Eye_20Gloss
*Proud* self-promotion. [theleopard, Dec 05 2006]


       - and some mist. You've got to have mist.
hippo, Nov 14 2006

       -and some vaseline for onlookers eyes for that soft-touch look.
theleopard, Nov 14 2006

       ...and don't forget the Elijah Eye Gloss (by theleopard <sung in old Mennen jingle>).   

       As a matter of fact, you better bring the whole team. <looks critically at [Ehrm]> You're going to need them.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Nov 14 2006

       ...a *fattening life vest*... I could live without that.
xandram, Nov 14 2006

       ...with the fan (or hairdryer) it could also be used as part of the "Hotel California" actualisation kit: "...cool wind in my hair...".
hippo, Nov 15 2006


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