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Infrared Therapy Bed

Longwave Infrared Light Therapy
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This would be an apparatus that looks like a tanning bed, but instead of UV lamps it would have longwave infrared lamps, and its purpose would be to bathe the user in longwave infrared light which can accelerate healing for the body. Even NASA has researched infrared light therapy as a way to keep astronauts in strong health and to help heal their injuries far from home.

The user could relax and sleep in the Infrared Therapy Bed and wake up feeling very refreshed and vigorous. This might even be good for business travelers suffering from jet lag and other travel fatigue. It would also be good for the elderly, to help against the effects of old age.

The user would not have to wear eye-protection while using the Infrared Therapy Bed, because not only will longwave infrared rays not harm the eyes, but they would actually help to stimulate cellular metabolism to rejuvenate the eyes, and help stave off things like macular degeneration.

sanman, Dec 23 2014

NASA infrared technology http://www.nasa.gov...features/heals.html
NASA research for cancer patients [sanman, Dec 23 2014]




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