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Is he really dead?

Solutions for the pathologically confused.
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Apparently, not many autopsies are performed in hospitals, because of the cost of pathologists, etc. Epidemiologically, this seems ill-advised.

A second and related problem, at least in some countries, is a lack of cadavers for medical school. Here is where working doctors could instead pass along intractable cases to medical trainees in need of cadavers.

As a corollary rant, there also aren't enough doctors. Perhaps we should study lawyers and find out why this is. If more people were admitted and trained in medicine, it could even be a growth industry for wealthy countries with the "problem" of too many wealthy old people and not enough jobs for young people.

4and20, Sep 07 2012

Things that go bump in the night http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-22730360
I say he's dead and I've been here longer [4and20, Jun 04 2013]


       Who knows what "other countries" might do with the bodies. They may find out the western world is mostly composed of chimeras. Or link our genes to our browser histories. Not to mention Haiti and their demand for weird body parts. What do you do when a clone shows up on your doorstep, family is family after all? Keeping people ignorant of human anatomy has always been an essential part of a persons mental health, and I am not sure that the "knowledge" is worth the risk in this case.
leinypoo13, Sep 07 2012

       <Obligatory Soylent Green reference>
8th of 7, Sep 07 2012

gnomethang, Sep 07 2012

       I see I left my antecedent dangling in the last sentence and the Soylent Green crowd came about to gawk. Have never read/seen Soylent Green, but this isn't a suggestion to train more doctors to create more cadavers, much as the young people might like that.
4and20, Sep 08 2012

       /If more people were admitted and trained in medicine/   

       Riffraff driving the prices down? Let them be chiropractors.
bungston, Jun 06 2013


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