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Inflatable Coffee Sleeve

Reusable Insulated Foldable Sleeve
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I feel bad enough when I get a coffee in a paper cup and not in my stainless travel mug that I have forgot to bring/wash.

Adding insult to injury is the means to insulate the cup from your hand. This is either more paper in the form of a sleeve, a styrofaom cup in itself, a foam lined cup exterior, a foam sleeve, or an extra cup altogether.

A small tough folded and quilted inflatable sleeve with an elastic joiner to accomodate all sizes could be blown up, used, deflated, and folded back into a credit card sized space in your wallet.

Giblet, Dec 23 2007

Inflatable cup holder Inflatable_20cup_20holder
Same idea, different intent - though [stupop] notes the insulation possibilities. [phoenix, Dec 24 2007]

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       Surely there needs to be two of these?   

       Also sp. sleeve; forgotten.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 23 2007

       doh accidentally added the word to spell checker and auto corrected.
Giblet, Dec 23 2007

       [+] ... can be used to keep your beer cold, too
FlyingToaster, Dec 25 2007

       no, but I want it cold when I get where I'm going. Note the OP didn't mention driving :)
FlyingToaster, Dec 25 2007

skinflaps, Dec 25 2007

       then it was an incorrect statement; I can count on the fingers of one hand the alcoholic drinks I normally have during the course of a year and still have one left over for signalling purposes.   

       [edit] I'm not that grouchy, I just couldn't resist posting "and still have one left over..."
FlyingToaster, Dec 26 2007


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