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Fibery Fun Finger Food
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Many fiber supplements contain psyllium husk as a powder or liquid mixed together with beverages. Manufacturers recommend mixing these concentrated forms with beverages to prevent clotting or difficulty swallowing them. For people without the time or interest in remixing powders, these supplements also come in pill form. However, patients need to swallow at least five of these to receive a full dose. Not much fun there, either.

Now imagine a mixture of gelatin dessert mix that includes a dose of one or a combination of psyllium husk, sorbitol or agarose that can be made into jiggly fun dessert squares. The active agent would be combined in a ratio that provides a full dose per serving.

Many elderly people also have problems chewing foods or drinking hot liquids. But everyone can enjoy a serving of delicious gelatin dessert! This soft, jiggly treat can be made thick enough to pick up with fingers, and formed into a galaxy of shapes ranging from stars, moons or holiday-themed Easter Eggs, Santas or critters. For the more creative, multi-colored, multi-layered gelatin desserts can imitate buildings, take ornate decorative forms or include different types of suspended fruits (skip the papaya or pineapple, though).

Remain regular with rectangular treats! For those seeking a discreet treat, Jell-Go can also be available in pre-set cups, like other forms of ready-to-eat desserts.

squirrelecule, Jul 28 2011

http://www.google.c...n+psyllium+laxative [squirrelecule, Jul 30 2011]


       whoops, too late   

       Application number: 10/681,791 Publication number: US 2004/0115282 A1 Filing date: Oct 8, 2003
squirrelecule, Jul 30 2011


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