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Wash your clothes eco-friendly while losing weight
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Imagine a laundromat with a gym device in front of every washing machine. Part of the power used for the washing machines will be provided by the effort put on the machines. The only problem: your clothes are clean but you still smell...
moomoofarmer, Jan 29 2003

Lean and Clean http://www.halfbake...Lean_20_26_20Clean!
Why do people keep thinking of this? Is it just both gyms and laundrettes are so boring you get to reflect on stuff? [kropotkin, Oct 21 2004]


       Even I know that we've had this idea before. See "Lean & Clean" (link <---).   

       moomoofarmer, if you used the "search" facility and searched for laundromat and gym you'd have found that this idea is redundant.
kropotkin, Jan 29 2003


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