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Magnifying Razor

So you get it all...
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I have two ideas to help you get a closer shave, but I will mention only one in this post. The next will be posted separately.

This idea is for a shaving razor with a magnifying lens attached to it, so you can see all the small hairs that you may have missed and go back over the spot as needed to get them all.

I do realize that this may not seem necessary to some people, who will undoubtedly point out that you should be able to feel any unwanted hairs with your hands. I have two things to say to that:

1) The moisturing strip on most razors leaves a slick, almost slimy coating on your skin which covers a lot of the smaller hairs until it dries.

2) Not everybody's fingers are as sensitive as yours, and some people genuinely cannot feel small, unwanted hairs that may not be visible until later.

21 Quest, Jan 08 2007

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       21. I'm confused. What is wrong with what most men I've known do, shave in front of a magnifying mirror in the shower, or at the sink?
blissmiss, Jan 08 2007

       This is for use at the sink. But the sink keeps you from getting close enough to the mirror to see some of the smaller hairs. This allows you to look through the magnifying glass via the mirror, so you don't have to magnify the whole mirror. As far as shaving *in* the shower... I dunno, I just don't like doing it.
21 Quest, Jan 08 2007

       No. The sink does not keep you at a distance, (How the hell big is your sink?) The mirror is moveable. It sits on a tripod, and can be angeled towards the sun, or towards you, or wherever. I have seen tee-shirt clasps for magnifying mirrors, for the vision impaired.

       I will link. God I feel like Dr. Curry.
blissmiss, Jan 08 2007


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