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Mech Union

Huge combination robots duelling
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Does anyone remember those old cartoons where all the spaceships join together to form a mondo big robot.

OUTLINE : online multiplayer game the players duel for cash and parts. Build the biggest robot, join with other robots to make even bigger bots. Up to six players per robot, eyes in the back of the head - rocket launchers in the knees, laser spines up the backbone. Utter mayhem in the battlefield.

I would like to watch such a tournament...

Trodden, Feb 20 2003

in the meantime http://www.robotboo...mpetition-links.htm
[mrthingy, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Was this your inspiration? http://www.sfxb.co.uk/sfgfx/daix.jpg
The Dai-X from 'Star Fleet'. I am more than happy to admit watching this. [Jinbish, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

titan maximum http://www.adultswi...shows/titanmaximum/
the newest team [jaksplat, Nov 29 2009]

I also forgot... http://www.youtube....watch?v=vUxDmKFCD2o
Robot Jox [Jinbish, Nov 30 2009]


       "Aw... but I don't wanna be the elbow again. I always hafta be the elbow..."
waugsqueke, Feb 20 2003

       Only 6? Why can't we all be part? But then who would we fight? There would be no-one to fight! We would have to work on making the universe a better place for sentient life.
bungston, Nov 30 2009

       I should point out that any Mech union would have to be called Mechico.
bungston, Nov 30 2009


       "Hunion ? Hwe doan' need no steenking Hunion !"   

8th of 7, Nov 30 2009

       I wonder: when the Mech Union gets cut up if it would make you cry.   

       Probably, if there was dramatic music, and poor ventilation.
bungston, Dec 06 2016


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