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everyday's man fighter game

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There is lots of games with badass superheros, or fighters like Dead Or Alive, with characters throwing fireballs at each others.

But is there any games where you get to play as ordinary employees or people fighting eachothers?

I envision characters such as a janator with a broomstick, fighting off herds of six year olds (all controlled by the other player) who are all armed with plastic butter knives.

If street fighter was all about shooting magic firebombs at each other, and Soul Calibur was about swinging deadly weapons at each other; this game would be about awakwardly trying to fight each other like Jackie Chan, grabbing any objects and using enviroments to you advantage.

Hence directly fighting with bare fist will be near useless, and using random items to attack or defend or move across will be more effective. The items in game would also last as long as the real thing, which means not long at all. The Janator's broom is likely to break after breaking a few six year old's back, so he is likely to need to fumble around for more items (e.g. chalk dust from blackboard as distraction) before he gets painfully hacked to death by other kids with a plastic knife.

mofosyne, Dec 29 2013


       [-] was this posted from your smartphone?... while it was in your pants' pocket... which were being worn by somebody else... while they were being sucked out a pane glass window, during a hurricane ?   

       The idea, what little I could read of it, is sorta nifty, though I think it'd serve better as the beginner levels of a standard FPS than as a standalone piece.
FlyingToaster, Dec 29 2013

       I thought would just be the holding arms out horizontally and making fighter plane noises...there must be a way to get that to work on xbox or whatever...
not_morrison_rm, Dec 29 2013


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