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Two-mouse computer fencing game

Can you have two mice?
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Fencing is a sport which seems to me fairly reducible: the sword is a straight line with points at tip and hilt. The arm is extended to a varying degree. The fencers body moves back and forth.

Computer fencing uses two mice (mouses?) one in each hand - one hand controls the tip and the other the hilt. The sword tip can travel within a hemisphere. Maximal separation of the points makes the sword parallel to the body. Perfect overlap of the points extends the sword perpendicular to the body. The two buttons on one mouse extend and retract the hand. The two on the other move the fencer back and forth.

I envision the look of this game like a first person shooter, but with the arm and sword extending in front, instead of a chainsaw or gun barrel. One would fence an opponent at another computer.

bungston, Jul 13 2007

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       I believe the word used in the MMORPG world is "lag-kill".   

       You could do this on local networks.
normzone, Jul 13 2007

       Id play it
evilpenguin, Jul 13 2007

       Sounds rather boring, you could easily do this using an analogue controller. The fact it hasnt happened is because chainsawing something up is more exciting than poking it with a sword.
S-note, Jul 13 2007

       Sounds like something the Wii does better.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jul 13 2007

       I have no idea what on earth you're talking about, bungston, but it sounds interesting enough to warrant a bun. I'll put it this way: I would download the free trial. And yes you can have two mice--most boxes have two USB ports or more; at the very least, you can plug one into the old mouse port and one into the USB port. [+]
disbomber, Jul 13 2007

       Of course you have multiple USB's, however, there is the little problem of operating system software.
RayfordSteele, Jul 14 2007

       Most laptop owners have a mouse in addition to the built in trackpad.   

       Does anyone rememer the arcade game Karate Champ that used 2 joysticks?   

       I've often thought that hving 2 mice for various tasks would be handy (bezier curves and stuff)
marklar, Jul 16 2007

       //chainsawing something up is more exciting than poking it with a sword// - Tell that to Errol Flynn.
wagster, Jul 16 2007

       Errol Flyn, not exactly a modern action hero is he...skin tight green tights and spiv moustache! I laugh every time I see those old films. No matter howe much I look on the internet, I cant find any information on hair products being available in medievil Briton.....
S-note, Jul 16 2007

       // Errol Flyn was the one taking the poking from what I heard.
Supercruiser, Jul 17 2007

       //I cant find any information on hair products being available in medievil Briton.....//   

       Well they had something. [link]   

       I saw a better version baked at DisneyQuest as a Virtual Reality game (circa 1999). It used an HMD, and swords comprised of a 3D tracker and vibration feedback. The players were all strapped to individual platforms (but standing up). It was still the most effective VR system I've ever used.
cowtamer, Jul 19 2007

       Die-fencer-mouse +
xenzag, Jul 19 2007

       [2 Fries] I think you need some (english) history lessons if you think that link is for medieval England...........[Link]
S-note, Jul 19 2007

       This is true.   


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