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Q3 Arena for Politicians

Let 'em Frag it out for the best seats in congress
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Just imagine, Clinton appears on a flying skateboard with the rail-gun aimed squarely between Dubya's eyes...at the last minute Gore appears weaponless - HUMILIATION! goes the cry as he swipes at Dubya and disappears in a bloody mass of gibs....there's GB senior on the bounce pad with the rocket launcher...he, he, he...

Could appear between Friends and Letterman....

Skybird, Jan 05 2001


       "4/_60R3 was reduced to hanging chad by |3U$H's railgun..."
centauri, Jan 05 2001

       Wouldn't this be more like half life or counterstrike? Current technology doesn't stretch to railguns and the like.
Gimp, Feb 02 2001

       I'd vote for this if we just gave them real railguns, and then set them on eachother in a new version of American Galdiators that'd actually be interesting to watch.
McCannCity, Mar 26 2001

       I vote we use real guns, in a more Unreal torniment style arena. Afterall most of these weapons we can reproduce.   

       Just think, we could have cross atlantic matches, say the democrats (USA) v Conservitives (UK).   

       I also believe that lawers should be included, just think of the ratings! It also a good way to clean out corruption in goverment.
cartman, Jul 19 2001

       This is REALLY STUPID, but REALLY GOOD. A damn good idea.
mailtosalonga, Apr 01 2004

       Like a debate, only more exciting!
Quantum_P, Apr 02 2004

       More realistic: Skins of the people playing. Could be amusing.   

       "Mah fellow Ahmericahns, Ah did not have automahtic relations with thaht railguhn!"   

       "How many frags, you say? can we get a recount?"   

       "I believe that mankind and fish can live peacefully, as long as we don't give guns to the fish. And if they hand over their oil right now."
Eugene, Apr 04 2004


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