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Program your monster

Write block code, govern battle monster with it
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I loved that game Robot Battle. Not the remote control robots, but the one where you wrote code and your robot followed that as its fighting algorithm. I think the code writing piece might have been offputting to some, and multiplayer stuff was in its infancy.

And I loved the 3d chess game they played in star wars, with little monsters duking it out.

Recently I watched this video (linked) of a dude fighting a monster. This monster has lots of moves. I like the one where it chews him up and spits him out.

This scheme is for a block programming code, like Garageband or Scratch. The code would govern monster moves and appearance. Allowed power / moves / durability would increase with level. I have this idea that modular monsters could be animated using a large preset library of modifiable bits.

Some monsters would come with the game. You could look at their code and learn. You could start with one and tweak it. Some monsters would be submitted by users who might or might not allow code to be seen. Fight records of user submitted monsters would be tracked.

Gamers for whom the joy is battle could fight monsters like the guy in this video.

Others would feel parental delight in seeing their creations trounce actual players and the creations of others.

bungston, Mar 09 2016

Dude fights Floating Eye monster https://www.youtube...watch?v=12jhCHPYu8Q
Inspiring. But I did not watch to the end. I worried the monster would lose. [bungston, Mar 09 2016]

Several games where you program robots to fight for you https://alternative...oftware/codecombat/
But still not the one I tried the other month. Can't find that one. [notexactly, Mar 21 2016]


       [+] Instead of points, you will earn "CPU cycles". Each point allows you to do additional block execution.
ixnaum, Mar 09 2016


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