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Real Dynamic fighting

kick someone and marvel at the physics!
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this would probably be easier to implement in other game generes, but would be cool in a fighting game! the basic idea, is rather than a "game" its a physics sim, so you charicter is composed of a righid body, with some nice costraints and springs, as is the other persons. the result is upon hitting someone, the reaction would be realy cool, not just a preset "injured" anim so far its all easy as pie, see ut2003's ragdoll, or porrasurvat (of even some of the litte programs ive made myself)

theres one problem, the input at the rik of alienating any programmer who reads this, the controls would manipulate the "mucle" spring

a jump button, would contract a spring between the thigh and the calf

this would be hard to get working nicley, but i think it would be possable with todays tech, and alot of hardwork!

id expect a game like this to be created soon, with any luck by me :D

Chester, Mar 13 2004

Kind of similar. http://www.naturalmotion.com
[oatcake, Oct 04 2004]

[hippo], should that be 1975 flashback? http://www.webfitz....cs/1975/141975.html
Kung Fu Fighting [reap, Oct 04 2004]

Sodaplay, halfway there http://www.sodaplay.com
its got it, but without the whole game aspect (still cool though!!) [Chester, Oct 04 2004]

kungfumun http://www.ikkitous.../good/kungfumun.exe
i made it, v. simple though, and mainly mouse controled *warning* this is a .exe! [Chester, Oct 04 2004]

ragdollkungfu http://www.ragdollkungfu.com
baked! (but not released)... they beat me too it as well [Chester, Oct 04 2004]


       <eighties flashback>Everybody was Kung Fu fighting,
those cats were fast as lightning
In fact it was a little bit fright'ning,
but they fought with expert timing </eighties flashback>
hippo, Mar 13 2004

       NaturalMotion (link) has developed virtual stunt-men/women/horses which use AI and simulated neural networks to create realistic reactions to injuries. The videos are pretty impressive.
oatcake, Mar 14 2004

       The Sims: Kick Ass?
Cedar Park, Mar 15 2004

       [reap] - was it really 1975? - wow...
hippo, Mar 15 2004

       hmm, perhaps i wasent that clear...   

       again its possible my idea sucks   

       well having had a quick go at building it, i ended up with some stuff like a crappy "soda constructor", but better rigd-body, and collosion support (err yeah, im one equasion away from perfect colossions)   

       neverthe less that naturalmotion thing is cool   

       well, i was kinda expecting better feedback... (i must be a visinary, like one of those dead-art guys :P)
Chester, Mar 18 2004

       //"mucle" spring//   

       BLOW, don't sniff...it's rude.
suctionpad, Mar 18 2004


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