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Real World Masters of Kombat

Which action star will be the greatest?
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Connery or Moore? Sly or Arnie? Bruce or Jet?

Real World Masters of Kombat pits several contemporary and classic action stars against each other in a one-on-one fighting game. They each have their own moves, and fighting style based on their portrayals, such as the hard hitting Arnie compared with the quick, agile Jackie Chan to the cheesy looking punches from anyone from before the 1980s.

The game also allows for interesting match ups, such as Bond versus Bond, New Shaft versus Old Shaft or tag-team fights, such as "Lethal Weapon versus Die Hard 3". Each character also has various costume changes, so you can be "Indy" Harrison, "Solo" Harrison or "Jack Ryan" Harrison, and takes place in several eerily familiar stages, such as a steel factory, office building or battleship. Secret characters such as Mr T, Charlie's Angels or The Predator are also hidden in the game that are unlocked once certain tasks are completed by the player.

Like other games such as Soul Edge or any wrestling game, there will also be a "story mode", where you try to be the highest paid actor in the world by taking on "roles" (fights) in movies, and a "create-an-action star" mode, which is self explanatory.

mrkillboy, Oct 23 2000


       Sadly, the licensing fees would be horrendous. Furthermore each actor would want his character to be better than the others.
imagooAJ, Oct 23 2000

       I think I would have to buy it, if they ever DID make a MTV Celebrity Deathmatch game. That would be way too amusing, and I'll probably forget about catching up on halfbakery for awhile.
dagrrl, Nov 18 2000

       Why not just rename the bots in one of the many fighting games. It is time for original ideas, not these old and re-used games.
cartman, Jul 19 2001


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