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Memento Mori Motorcycle Helmet

"Remember, Rider, Thou Art But A Man"
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A motorcycle helmet containing an MP3 player and a radio receiver, linked to a transmitter on the bike.

Depending on what the bike is doing, the MP3 player occasionally plays useful reminders, like, "You've only had the bike three days, be careful !" or "Look behind you before you turn" or similar ....

8th of 7, Aug 20 2008

(?) A77 Safety Group http://www.a77safet.../index.cfm/page/42/
Why you might want technology to nag you [Jinbish, Aug 20 2008]

Add an accelerometer + Onstar http://www.gearfuse...ke-mp3-bike-helmet/
For the other bike [leinypoo13, Aug 20 2008]


       If it sustained a major jolt, it could then play the Fatal Auto Collision Song before exploding.[+]
nineteenthly, Aug 20 2008

       Nice and simple. [+]   

       Add a comms link, a GPS or similar positioning ability, and a library of phrases such as:
"Accident blackspot", "Biker's nightmare: 23 deaths in 8 years".

       {Although I can see that degenerating into commentary akin to a rally co-driver}
Jinbish, Aug 20 2008

       Why would you want technology to nag you? [-]
mylodon, Aug 20 2008

       Memento Mori helmet? This sounds more like a helmetized version of my grandmother. Maybe a few recordings of "Ooh, I don't know why you kids like these things anyway. They are so dangerous! I saw a documentary on T.V. the other day, and it said that ... blah blah blah."   

       I would think if you really wanted the helmet to remind them that they are mere mortals; the helmet could send a high-voltage jolt of electricity capable of rendering the wearer unconscious at random intervals when the bike is traveling at less than 10mph (16kph). As the wearer comes to, the helmet could make some post-crash inference and explain how lucky the driver was to be alive.
MikeD, Aug 20 2008

       I dreamed the other night that I smithereened a motorcycle on an offramp due to excessive speed. I stood up and my helmet cracked in two and fell into my hands.   

       Ah, my rich and varied dream life. I have been wondering if I'm supposed to buy a new bicycle helmet or something.
normzone, Aug 20 2008

       // a helmetized version of my grandmother //   

       The horror, the horror ....
8th of 7, Aug 20 2008


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