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bike2car foldout

Arms that stretch out and turn the motorbike into a full sized car
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windshield pulls up from side, convertable roof covers from above, but besides the looks, the main point is that this thing creates a safety cage around the driver that wasn't there when you were riding the motorcycle in the suburbs.
pashute, Feb 09 2022


       Uh... does it all fold down into George Jetson's briefcase when you're done riding it, too?
RayfordSteele, Feb 09 2022

       Kind of cute like an Inspector Gadget Car. I will give a bun for your imagination.+   

       Though not well thought out …like where do the side panels come from or go when you turn it back into a motorcycle?
xandram, Feb 09 2022

       I wonder whether it would actually be safer, given the flimsy materials that would be needed. I guess you could have a second motorcycle behind the first, and a folding frame that brings out a seat in the middle, but even that isn't much safer.
Voice, Feb 09 2022

       I think the idea of a full-spec motor car that folds away into a pocket has been done before.
pocmloc, Feb 09 2022

       Even being more visible would be a distinct advantage. Hence I wear clown wigs on dating services.
4and20, Feb 10 2022


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