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Car Helmet

Safety in numbers
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The Car Helmet is a 1/4 scale full-face motorcycle helmet moulded in solid white polystyrene foam. Where the visor would be, the front if the helmet is painted black.

Stuck to the underside are some flexible magnetic strips.

The item would be extremely cheap to produce, and retail at $1/unit, or even be given away, so as not to be worth stealing.

The device is used by drivers placing the helmet on the roof of their vehicle, postioned over the head of the driver.

The helmet continuously transmits an important safety message to all road users, but especially bikers.

The message is' "I too ride, or have ridden, a motorbike. Therefore, although I am currently driving a car, I understand the risks bikers face. I will be extra careful when making turns. I will use my mirrors frequently. I will not pull out of side roads in front of fast moving bikes. I will be vigilant before opening doors. I will be aware that bikes can close up from behind very quickly, and can accelerate much faster than most cars. I am not out to kill you."

The helmet would be removed when a non-biker is driving.

An alternative version is shaped like one of those silly plastic colanders that cyclists wear. It too transmits a message to all who see it, which is "I am a complete numpty. I wobble along the gutter, obstructing traffic and being a general nuisance. I have no concept of how much other road users hate and despise me, and I own many pairs of brightly coloured lycra shorts that cause nausea to all that catch a glimpse of them. Please kick my headlights in, let down my tyres, and scratch my paintwork if you get an opportunity."

8th of 7, Jun 09 2015


       //The helmet would be removed when a non-biker is driving.// I wager it would not. In fact, I am prepared to bet your entire collection of pottery cats against your collection of Fred Dibnah videos (including the one with the bit where he gets naked).
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 09 2015

       Well, it SHOULD be removed ....
8th of 7, Jun 09 2015

       And I, it is generally believed, should be far more generously paid than I currently am. Sadly, this is not the case.   

       I will await the first report of an accident in which a magnetically-attached model bike helmet is ripped off by the wind on a motorway, slamming into the following motorcyclist.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 09 2015

       //Sadly, this is not the case.// tautology.
pocmloc, Jun 09 2015


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