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Slide Protection

Pop out slide protectors
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One of the most common causes of crashes with motorbikes comes from when bikes are lent over too far in the wrong conditions; the front and rear wheels are pushed to their limits of traction, all that is needed to exceed this limit is a bump in the road surface or an unexpected mid-corner camber.
Professional riders use their knees to help keep the tyres under traction, most road riders will never be able to do this.

I propose pop out rods to help lessen mid-corner spills. These rods would extend out from the bike when lent over on seriously acute angles only. I am not sure how much contact they would need with the road to be effective; perhaps even acting as third wheels. The rods would need some kind of shock-absorption so as not to upset the composure of the bike and rider; they are merely a help when on the very edge of grip, and not a riding aid.

(I have googled this to death and have returned nil. Please feel free to out-google me.)
silverstormer, Aug 07 2003

Ghost Wheels http://www.safetyfeatures.com/ghost.htm
Slow-speed version [phoenix, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Superbike Lean/Slide wheels http://www.motorcyc...ide-bike-16110.html
[pashute, Sep 03 2010]

couldn't find the source http://www.jevonlin...m/vicki/i/BMW08.jpg
[pashute, Sep 03 2010]

SafetyTrike Bike Extension [pashute, Sep 03 2010]


       Though I haven't consulted with Rods, I don't know if a rod is a good idea. *catch* *fling*
thumbwax, Aug 07 2003

       ...enter the deluxe version with caster wheels.
silverstormer, Aug 07 2003

       I'm not sure that this would help. To me, the reason you put your knee down while cornering is (1) because you're hanging off one side to change your centre of gravity and moving your knee out and down to the road is part of that change, and (2) to get some more sense feedback of exactly how far over you are. I don't believe that the knee bears significant weight, Than again, I have never got my knee down and have no intentions in that direction, so I'm probably not the best informed about this.   

       I've seen 'mushrooms' that either stick on side panels or the end of bolts that hold on side panels, but these are to prevent damage when dropping the bike or when sliding off the road rather than keeping you upright.
st3f, Aug 07 2003

       [st3f] Crash mushrooms are what originally gave me this idea. It is true that knees do help to lean the bike over but I know riders do help to prevent sliding by balancing the bike on their knees.

[ShineyShoes] If it encourages less people to be reckless, and more people to enjoy 2 wheels; all for the better I say. I am certainly not advocating the installation on all motorbikes, the function can be disabled if you want. It is just another safety feature for those who are safety conscious.
silverstormer, Aug 07 2003

       [reensure] Perhaps a caster-wheel attached via a yoke ;)
silverstormer, Aug 08 2003

       // hmm most people have motorbikes cause they are cool and dangerous //   

       A straw poll of the bikers in the office suggests that "dangerous" is not a significant factor; "cool" slightly; but everyone responded "fun".   

       If bikers were really drawn to danger, they wouldn't spend so much on armoured leathers...
JKew, Aug 08 2003

       "[reensure] Perhaps a caster-wheel attached via a yoke ;)"   

       We're talking training wheels here, right?
whlanteigne, Sep 26 2005


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