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SafetyTrike Bike Extension

Next step after SportsCycle motorbike add-on
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www.indycycleonline.com [see link] SportsCycle add-on for motorcycles, and especially reading their FAQ (Is it dangerous? YES SIR! Can you get killed with it? RIGHTO! )gave me the thought of making a light-weight extension to a motorcycle with similar design but completely different line of thought: Build it for safety and comfort.

I suppose air filled rubber tubing in front and back of you, and some strong but light-weight materials can enclose the sides and definitely assist in moving traffic threats out of your way, and/or taking the energy of impact. Also, for safety of those you may hit, external airbags or perhaps rubber (inflatable) bumpers could help.

The trike should be enclosed, so its comfortable to drive, and should be well designed to look good (like the cree: link II)

pashute, Apr 06 2005

SportsCycle Apr. 6 2005 - edited 2010 to correct link http://www.indycycle.net/
Add-on to any motor bike, turns it into an indy car [pashute, Apr 06 2005, last modified Oct 04 2010]

(?) Cree http://www.cree.ch/
The most beautiful electric trike (price $5000 when produced) [pashute, Apr 06 2005]


       The IndyCycle/SportCycle isn't enclosed, and probably wouldn't be safe in inclement weather anyway. The Cree SAM is electric, and if it is ever produced in large numbers it won't be cheap. There are still some HMV Freeways around, someone should reverse-engineer them and make them available in kit form (or convince Dave Edmonson to put them in production again- not much chance of that).
whlanteigne, Sep 26 2005

       5 years later: I'm thinking of a folding safety-cage carried on board. When on main road click the button for it to unfold and hold your "pose" as a large not feeble vehicle, conducting its due respect.
pashute, Sep 03 2010

       If you want to be wrapped in a bunch of 'safety' kit, you're probably not the person who should be riding a motorcycle.   

       Part of the riding experience is the freedom from all this kind of crap. It is this exposure to the outside world which gives the rider an increased sense of responsibility for their own life. If you don't experience this, you probably shouldn't be riding.   

       I have observed over the years that most of the motorcycle 'safety' add-ons (leg-protectors, airbags etc.) are proposed not by riders but by 'safety experts'. In the UK, a certain Dr. Brian Chinn gained considerable notoriety amongst riders, promoting his research based on poor statistics. His 'leg protectors' were promoted on the basis that tests showed a level of reduction in lower leg injuries, conveniently ignoring an increase in upper leg, pelvic and spinal injuries.   

       Motorcycles are what they are. If you want a cage, get in a car.
Twizz, Sep 03 2010

       Don't worry. It wont be a motorcycle. It will be a "personal transpobike".   

       When I was a kid I read a real funny article in the Atlantic Monthly about a father who got a ticket and realized its his son and that he has a motorcycle. He sent the son a letter about the danger of motorcycles. The reply was short: Its not a motorcyle, its a bike. Then there is a description of the thrill of danger (first heartbeat, you realize theres a double trailer ahead, you slow down. 2nd heartbeat, you realize the brakes locked and you are slowly slipping and sliding sideways in an oil puddle....) etc.
pashute, Oct 04 2010

       I corrected the link. It works now.
pashute, Oct 04 2010


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