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Motorcycle Emergency Locator Transmitter

If and when things go terribly, terribly wrong on 2 wheels
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I understand that in most places people are compassionate enough to render aid to a stranded or hurt motorist. But for those times when there's no body for miles, and you desperately need assistance in the event of a motorcycle crash, the Motorcycle ELT is here.

The ELT would be activated by a combination of sensors detecting the lean-angle of the bike, speed of the bike, and severe impact.

In the event of a high-side, low-side, or other violent up-ending of a motorcycle's chassis, the ELT will broadcast GPS coordinates as to provide a fast response from medical crews. Also, the device would have a built-in delay of arround one minute to give the rider the option cancel the call for assistance if you happen not to be injured severely enough to warrant an emergency response.

While not easily suitable for off-road use, touring, sport and "cruising" motorcycles can be easily equipped with this device. However, a service charge may apply, which can be factored into financing, or can accompany a manufacturer's warranty.

I linked someone's page detailing use of Radio ELTs for motorcycle use, but thoes have a limited range and are difficult to track-down. Kind of like "OnStar" just for motorcycles.

Letsbuildafort, Oct 24 2003

Radio ELTs for Motorcycle excursions http://www.geocitie...u/dothis/Epirb.html
link [Letsbuildafort, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

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       Nice idea! Suprised it hasn't been mentioned on here before.
silverstormer, Oct 29 2003

       OnStar for motorcycles - Baked, surely?
DrCurry, Oct 29 2003

       great idea, worth pursueing
oldenough, Nov 07 2003

       if someone could get this figured out, that would be great! definately something to save those motorcyclist.
babyhawk, Nov 07 2003

       i think they make these for skiers, a motorcyclist could carry one in his pocket?
whlanteigne, Sep 26 2005


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