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Motorcycle infant seat

Safety first.
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Here at BUNGCO, gas prices have everyone riding motorcycles. Our marketing staff complained that it was hard to get the kids to school on the backs of their Ninjas, because the kids would let go on steep curves. But there had to be a way.

Introducing the motorcycle infant seat. This is a standard 5-point restraint infant seat, rear facing, but mounted on shocks within a breakaway spherical steel cage. The fact of the matter is, when you crash your motorcycle, you are going to bounce along the road until friction stops you or you hit something else. The Motorcycle Infant Seat is designed to break away from you and your doomed cycle and roll off, child inside, coming to a safe stop at some distance from the crash. Arms and legs of appropriately proportioned infants will not extend out past the cage into harms way.

Beta testers found that many infants enjoyed the wild ride to be had within the Motorcycle Infant Seat and we plan to get a few set up to roll down the hill at the BUNGCO annual picnic later this year.

bungston, Aug 01 2008

Babe cage www.babecage.com
I don't need to elaborate. [unfortunate baker, Aug 02 2008]


       Yes, but mom hates picking the bugs out of their hair.
phoenix, Aug 01 2008

       How does the "spherical steel cage" decelerate from 80mph to zero mph without infant purée-ification?
hippo, Aug 01 2008

       /How does the "spherical steel cage" decelerate/   

       It rolls and bounces around, expending its kinetic energy as frictional heating of the cage and surrounding structures.
bungston, Aug 01 2008

       Motorcycle Pet Dog seat would be neat.
po, Aug 01 2008

       I guess this is all tongue-in-cheek, but if it isn't, you just need to add something to slow the rolling sphere. How about airbags that inflate as the cage separates from the bike? As the bags deflate they will have lots of rolling resistance.
MisterQED, Aug 01 2008

       Maybe instead of a sphere, it could be a many sided polygon. That would slow it down.
bungston, Aug 01 2008

       "I hit Armor Class zero"
normzone, Aug 01 2008

       Reactive armour .... blocks of RDX ...
8th of 7, Aug 01 2008

       Children DO NOT belong on motorcycles until they can reach an age *IM thinking 16 or so* that they can make a decision as to if they want to ride. There is another product, try as tho I may, that I can't find, featuring a suspenders like device. In all honesty, it drags the little one along the road with you in case of accident. Sensible. OK whatever. I'm a biker. Children do not belong on bikes.
unfortunate baker, Aug 02 2008


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