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Multi-part shaving compounds

The trick is in the packaging
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Shaving lotions contain chemicals of various qualities: lubricants, hair softeners, cleansers, exfoliants, moisturizers, and more. Some combinations of chemicals that would work well together though may not be packaged in one container and maintain any reasonable shelf life.

Solution - premeasured multi-part syringes (like those used for packaging two-part epoxy) - with each tube containing a supposedly useful component. A little push on the plunger and it can dispense a properly mixed dollop right when you need it.

And there's no reason to limit it to just a two-cylinder syringe - or do any real research on what needs to be in each chamber. Just as disposable razors seem to have ever more blades with each passing year, a shaving solution may be packaged in a syringe that could have 2, 4, or even more compartments & nozzles. And just like multi-blade razors, you don't need any proof that more is better. Create a multi-chamber syringe with 2, 4, or more nozzles - up to a veritable Gattling gun - just as long as it looks more impressive than your competitor's product The more special ingredients your ad copy (er, I mean "product") can claim, the better it will sell.

a1, Sep 29 2022

not for use on beards https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GLVMVVF
[a1, Sep 29 2022]

Striped toothpaste mystery https://www.insides...ste-got-its-stripes
[a1, Sep 29 2022]

Like this ... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uFzlUT8b_XQ
... but backwards? [pertinax, Sep 30 2022]

Mentadent Ad https://www.youtube...watch?v=E8KLmpOiaRE
Baking soda AND peroxide [scad mientist, Sep 30 2022]


       I think I'm gonna need a visual of this one. The idea part that does something other than epoxy.
blissmiss, Sep 29 2022

       If you're using a mixing nozzle, you could have it foam up on egress.
This would be a novelty in a non-aerosol form-factor.
Loris, Sep 29 2022

       [blissmiss], the epoxy picture was just to show what kind of container I was thinking of. For a shaving product one side of that two-part syringe could have a moisturizing shave lotion, the other could have a mild exfoliant (which can reduce the occurrence of shaving bumps). They only get mixed when you squeeze them out of the tube, so they don't interact with each other until you're ready to use them.   

       Does that make it clearer?
a1, Sep 29 2022

       Wasn't there a two part toothpaste like this 10 or 30 years ago? It came in a oval squeeze bottle with an oval nozzle split in two. I can't remember the name or find any references to it, but for a while at least, it was advertised heavily.
scad mientist, Sep 29 2022

       [scad_mientist], I don't recall that toothpaste but it would make a lot of sense. I use a home-made mouthwash that's in two separate bottles - one has 3% hydrogen peroxide, the other a dilute baking-soda and water solution. I mix them 1:1 in a small glass right before using.   

       Components that react with each other should be kept separate until use.
a1, Sep 29 2022

       //Wasn't there a two part toothpaste like this 10 or 30 years ago?//   

       Toothpaste with stripes is pretty common.
It used to make big claims about the different parts, which were kind of undermined by the non-striped toothpaste making similar claims.
Loris, Sep 29 2022

       Hmmm... I can see this working for shave creams and butters. Not so much soaps, which I prefer. But it would be a *very* niche market I suspect. Wet shaving is niche enough as is.
21 Quest, Sep 30 2022

       As per [link] one, I don't see why two part epoxy couldn't be used to remove a beard and mustache in one piece while leaving the skin relatively intact.   

       // I don't see why two part epoxy couldn't be used to remove a beard and mustache in one piece while leaving the skin relatively intact.//   

       Sort of a hot wax treatment, for men.
We could advertise by splashing it down into a thin film of water, it'll totally work.

       Since unset epoxy is toxic and skin sensitising, you might not want to do that too often though.
Loris, Sep 30 2022

       I remembered... It was Mentadent (see link to ad). The brand seems to still exist, but the two part toothpaste dispenser seems to be no more.
scad mientist, Sep 30 2022

       //Since unset epoxy is toxic and skin sensitising, you might not want to do that too often though//   

       Oh the epoxy would not need to touch skin at all. Just wrap it all in a chinny-tail. Dip your lower face til just before your lips are about to touch. Let set, and feed the attached epoxied belt end into torture device of your choosing and flip the switch.   

       Might want to strap in first...and maybe some leather to bite down on would be good.   

       I think waxing generally pulls off hair with a transverse motion, that is, hairs are removed individually, albeit in quick succession.
I wonder whether your all-at-once longitudinal approach might give an effect more akin to a scalping.
Loris, Oct 01 2022

       Maybe they won't dare to grow back.   

       If having chin hair really bothers you that much, maybe consider mulesing your face.
Loris, Oct 01 2022

       Oh not me... I'm just trying to be helpful.   

       The hair on my chinny-chin-chin is the only thing keeping the big bad wolf at bay.   

       You should know better than to build with straw and sticks.
a1, Oct 02 2022

       Titanium dipped wolf skulls my friend.   

       Fourth little piggy ain't no fool.   


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