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Putty Gloves

Stop costly rebounds.
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I would like a goalkeeping glove that has a sealed compartment of putty or other soft, malleable material sandwiched inside the foam padding. When the ball hits the glove, instead of bouncing out, the energy will be transferred along the surface of the glove, causing the ball to drop in it's place. Throw a golf ball at a pillow; this is what I'm getting at.
Cuit_au_Four, Dec 05 2005


       I'm sure Kevin Pietersen used these in the recent Ashes series - eight catches and each one of them hit the ground not a meter from him...
ConsulFlaminicus, Dec 05 2005

       [conflam]Get the opposition to bowl with a putty ball?
Dub, Dec 05 2005

       try hitting a putty ball for 6?
stestagg, Dec 07 2005

       What about inserting lengths of silly putty in the fingers (of the gloves). Would this aid the stopping power you desire?
Yosarian, Dec 07 2005


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