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Run two Soccer matches on the same ground simultaneously at right angles
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I've never seen the point of soccer, but it seems to me that it would be more efficient to run two games simultaneously on each ground at the same time.

Placing one pair of goals at the north/south ends, and another pair at east/west ends, two different colour balls would be used.

Assuming initially that the games are independent, the 4 teams would use 4 obviously different sets of kit so as to be able to distinguish them.

TV viewers would be able to filter out the team they're not interested in by a clever system to do with the colour of the balls and the kits.

Of course further efficiencies can be made if the two matches are related, for example if one team has to play two contenders then you would have 3 teams on the field instead of 4 (and thus give a job to most of the members of the team that don't seem to do anything).

You could then share a goal as well, so only use 3 goals (at 120degrees to each other?) making the job of the goal keeper much more interesting.

penguin42, Jul 16 2012


       // I've never seen the point of soccer //   

       Take heart, you're not alone. I think it largely has to do with giving billions of children in Third-World nations an impossible dream to which they can aspire, since participation in any of the world's other team sports requires either money or a goat carcass.
Alterother, Jul 16 2012

       For an even more efficient use of time and space, why not run three games at once using six teams, à la Chinese checkers?
ytk, Jul 16 2012

       oh yes, I'd not looked at Chinese Checkers before; but certainly that is the type of ting I was thinking of.
penguin42, Jul 18 2012

       seems rather unpolarized to me. A 3 team game seems untenable but a 2x2 could work.
FlyingToaster, Jul 18 2012

       With some differing uniform colors and some video-crunching software, you could display either game while filtering out the other. Hilarity ensues when players run in or are encumbered by what appears to the TV viewers as nothing at all.
RayfordSteele, Jul 19 2012


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