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Pavlov's Cat

Cats need a schedule too...
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A wifi cat collar. The food dispenser is also connected through wifi. A program on one's PC/Mac feeds the cat at indicated intervals. The cat is alerted by a small vibration. Give this system to a kitten and it will be a wireless feline in no time. Eventually the cat will equate the vibration with food, and will be alerted when new food is dispensed.

The owner never has to feed the cat anymore, just fill the food container everytime the program reminds them to.

This idea, obviously is poorly thought out, but can be used for dogs and other animals. It, also, to the best of my knowledge is unbaked as of yet. Mahalo.

Blumster, Nov 20 2004

this. http://www.halfbake...line_20food-o-matic
Not quite [Blumster, Nov 20 2004]


       All the more glorious freedom this system imparts to cats. I love my cat. I want her to be happy and independent.
Blumster, Nov 20 2004

       This would work for any animal except a cat. The cat will feel the vibration and know that the food is ready. It will then test you by waiting for five minutes to see if you come and call it personally. If you don't it will go down the road to the lonely old lady and rub her ankles until it gets some choice cuts of chicken.   

       And what is Mahalo?
wagster, Nov 21 2004

       It's the hawaiian word for thank you. And Hawai not?
lostdog, Nov 21 2004


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