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Replacement for the Soccer Referee's Whistle

The Ref's whistle is hard to distinguish from the hooligan's in the first row
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Why should the ref use a whistle; any bloak can bring one to a game to confuse the players.

For increased effectiveness, as well as dramatic effect, the professional soccer ref should have a remote control that would:

-trigger red filters to swing over the stadium lights that would flood the stadium with red light and drown the offending player with guilt

-send an extremely low frequency tone from a giant subwoofer that would vibrate your body cavity...kind of like the T.Rex in Jurrassic Park

Dignan, Feb 02 2003


       Give him a fog horn, I say.
DrCurry, Feb 02 2003

       this isn't really a problem. any player can distinguish between the refs whistle and noise from off-pitch. its only those watching it on tv or from the stands who have trouble.
sambwiches, Feb 02 2003

       why is this in traffic lights?
po, Feb 02 2003

       "why is this in traffic lights? "   

       I will never know....
Dignan, Feb 02 2003

       change it to Public, Sport, Soccer and you get a croissant.
po, Feb 02 2003

       I Like traffic lights.
I Like traffic lights.
I Like traffic lights,
No matter where they've been.
thumbwax, Feb 02 2003

       I used to sing the Traffic Light song in the office but people started throwing things at me, so I stopped doing it. Sorry, I just needed to share that with the group.

Fishbone, by the way. Referees already think that the game is played for their benefit. The last thing that any football fan wants is to give them more toys to play with. Fishbone. Did I say that already?
DrBob, Feb 03 2003


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