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Reinforced Goalkeeper Gloves

Titanium frame providing stability
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As a goalkeeper, I've had a few jammed fingers, and incidently, one was fractured today. The reason? A high-velocity projectile slamming into my fingers, bending them backwards or to the side, out of their normal range of motion.

Thus, I propose a titanium (or other lightweight metal) exoskeleton to disallow lateral movement and hyperextensions. Perhaps a plastic tip could cap off the tips of the fingers to combat jams.

I'll look to the engineers here for suggestions of other feasible alloys.

WordUp, Aug 15 2004

(?) Big Gloves http://www.obo.co.n...e=robo&product=robo
The harder the ball, the bigger the gloves... [Fishrat, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Reusch Raptor Pro G1 OT Goalkeeper Gloves http://www.thegoalk...s-raptor-ortho.aspx
"The ORTHO-TEC technology is based on ergonomically moulded sticks which adapt perfectly to the fingers and may be individually put in or taken out." [jutta, Aug 20 2009]


       Alloy should be rather "soft" as well and provisions have to be made for the exoskelton breaking (break points?) as well.
whatthe, Aug 15 2004

       the dream glove, of course, would feature stickiness, so if the ball touches it, it stays on the glove. There could be a release button to let it be punted or thrown out.   

       It'd make it even harder for Beckham to score an Euro penalty then!
adamosity, Aug 15 2004

       Pretty sure this is illegal but I'm gonna check the FIFA website and see if I'm wrong.
etherman, Jan 19 2005

       I presume part of [WordUp]'s proposed change would be an addendum to FIFA's rules.
disbomber, Apr 06 2005


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