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Shave by getting dressed
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If like me you're a guy who wears tights, and you probably aren't, you may have experienced the following. You pull on your legwear in the morning and sometimes find, presumably when it's colder, that your leg hairs stick out through the gaps in the weave.

Also, if you're a bloke who used to use one of those foil shavers, you will be aware of the system of two sharp meshes cutting hair by sliding against each other.

These two ideas can be combined. Figure-hugging garments which consist of two adjacent layers of fabric which slide against each other and have fibres sharp enough to cut hair parallel to the skin - obviously not perpendicular, which would just lacerate you. So you stand naked in the cold, your hairs stick up, then you pull on your figure-hugging underwear or balaclava. Then you rub them a few times and they proceed to snip off all your hair, which can be on your scalp, face, body, limbs, wherever. You have then managed to dress and shave in one easy move, and your hair never gets longer than the distance between your skin and the surface of your underwear. The hairs are cut off on the outside of the clothes and can be easily brushed off.

I would suggest that on the whole this would be more popular with women than men, at least on the body, but it also applies to the head. There are two acceptable haircuts: none at all and completely shaven off. The latter is easily achieved with a skullcap of this nature. Face stubble can also be easily removed by doing the same with a balaclava, which could be temporary.

nineteenthly, Apr 27 2011

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       is the tights-wearing a protective issue as you go foraging about in the undergrowth or do you just feel the cold?
po, Apr 27 2011

       He wears them for the hugging and lifting effect.
rcarty, Apr 27 2011

       I mentioned it before. They're actually leggings, and the reason for them is that they're cheap and comfortable. Oh, and i'm also a superhero: have i not mentioned that?
nineteenthly, Apr 27 2011

       tights have feet - leggings don't
po, Apr 27 2011

       What if they have feet, but are loose?
pocmloc, Apr 27 2011

       loose? what untethered? able to wander away?
po, Apr 27 2011

       Fully autonomous socks ?
8th of 7, Apr 27 2011

       Leggings are very close to being footless tights. Anyway, i was really talking about any garment which could be made of two layers in contact which was itself in contact with the skin, e.g. balaclava, because the point is that they can be used to slice hairs off without abrading the skin itself, and would continue to do so each time they were worn, thereby keeping hair short.   

       [Calum], i think your idea could be extended to other parts of the body, thereby enabling smooth people to achieve an appearance of hirsuteness from a distance. It's the single-layer version of my idea.
nineteenthly, Apr 27 2011

       Hard not to appreciate the convenience of these things, but I keep imagining a v e r y s l o w l y moving electric razor. Painful. P a i n f u l.
Boomershine, Apr 27 2011

       It wouldn't be slow. It'd just be a quick rub and they'd be gone. Simply slide the hands over the relevant areas and it's done - a few seconds.
nineteenthly, Apr 28 2011


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