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Secretary of Soccer

A new cabinet post
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After a quick perusal of the rest of the world, it seems that america is woefully behind in understanding of the world's greatest game. This is clearly an economic and political disadvantage. Foreign CEOs may make a joke like, "that's crazier than Valderama's hair," and everyone at the table of VIPs would laugh but the American. Who do you think's getting that new multi-billion-dollar contract? Or, heads of state gather round and the topic turns to Arsenal's chances this year. Who's going to trust the American guy who doesn't have an opinion on Patrick Vierra sticking with the Gunners?
Simonpf, Aug 29 2001


       Although I love my country dearly, one of the many disadvantages of living in UK is the obsessive conviction held by most of the population that soccer is both universally popular and in any way remotely important. If only it were regarded here (as I believe it tends to be in US) as a game for girls and children before they can handle a *real* sport, some of the mystique would evaporate.
There's far too much public money spent on sport of all kinds. Have a fish.
angel, Aug 29 2001

       If soccer were a big money sport in the U.S., I wonder what the chances are that the U.S. audience would see U.S. soccer as the only "real" soccer, while the rest of the world's sports (and politics, and economics, and wars, etc.) remain irrelevant. Then the American *still* wouldnt have an opinion on Patrick Vierra sticking with the Gunners.
beauxeault, Aug 29 2001

       Besides, everybody knows Rugby is the only game in town.
thumbwax, Aug 29 2001

       there is but one code, union
engineer1, Feb 25 2004

       Prefere to watch League meself, maybe cause I'm from the north west, but did enjoy the world cup as I was watching it with S.Afrikans and an Aussie.
Loft Nuthouse, Feb 25 2004


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