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Soccer Analysis Sensors (S.A.S)

Senses football and players for analysis
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You know if you've seen a Soccer or Football program when the Match analysis appears at half-time and full-time you get camera shots of important points in the game. The Analysts then proceed to draw all over the screen with circles and arrows trying to show what they mean. Soccer Analysis Sensors take place of this. If the football stadium was fitted with detectors so the stadium would be depicted on the recieving screen by a large 3-dimensional box. Players then could have sensors on their shoes or shirts and the ball could have a sensor. The detectors would then pick out the whereabouts of the players and the ball on the pitch and put this information onto the screen for the analysts to swarm over as the camera angle only provides one view. The 3D diagram can be rotated and players picked out and then they can be criticised on their position. This might also provide a possibility for replays to be shown in this form as well as on TV.
cantbestill, Sep 18 2003

Encore! at the theatre http://www.halfbake...0at_20the_20theatre
See [TwoSheds]' annotation [hippo, Oct 04 2004]


       I thought they had something similar already for the big football matches (that's soccer for the Americans...) that Sky covered. I remember seeing Andy Gray showing a bird's eye view of a computer generated pitch, with tokens representing the players and the ball moving around. The idea was (if I remember right) that they could position each player based on knowledge of the camera positions.   

       I also think they mentioned that the system was used by the top clubs to improve their performance. Can't for the life of me remember the name though, and found nothing on Google, so I could be hallucinating again.
suctionpad, Sep 18 2003

       <slightly off-topic> Beckham is being interviewed at a post match press conference and he says "well you can get white ones and green ones and orange ones" after the interview Ferguson asks Beckham to come over and have a chat he says "what the f**k were you saying they asked you to discuss tactics not tictacs"!!
po, Sep 18 2003

       I think SKY television use the images from the regular tv cameras with some image processing and DSP to suss out where the ball is and where the players are.   

       [suctionpad] is right - there is a system used by real teams... but I can't remember it either. I do remember that Terry Venables (ex-England national soccer manager) talked about it at some point during the last World Cup.
Jinbish, Sep 22 2003

       Yes [Jibnish], but what was it called?   

       I couldn't find a reference to it anywhere on Google.
suctionpad, Sep 22 2003

       Are you lot talking about 'prozone', the much-lambasted device used on ITV's Premiership highlights? Pretty much everyone thought it a ridiculous waste of time, second only to Andy Townsend's 'Tatics Truck'.
Mad Dog, May 09 2005

       Not to be confused with a Taties Truck, which will turn up outside a footy ground to sell hot potatoes to hungry fans.
david_scothern, May 09 2005


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