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soccer goal liners

mulch mats for soccer goals
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I'm not sure whether this exists; I can't find it if it does.

Soccer goals are expensive. Really good ones are really expensive. It pays to trim around them to give the big grass cutting machines a wide berth. Otherwise, the machine may clip the beautiful powder-coated aluminum tubing and bend it.

But if you use a strimmer/weed whacker etc. to get up close, you will eventually beat up the coating on the base.

What is needed is a mat that is shaped to fit under the base, extending six inches on each side. This would be like the mulch mats one sometimes sees around trees, but " [ " shaped.

Comes with a sharp punch to make holes for the spikes that hold down the frame.

Could be sold with a scalping device to get it down to ground level, so that you can just mow right over it with a push mower.

nomocrow, Apr 06 2009

Tinny? http://www.youtube....watch?v=-gwXJsWHupg
Ping, tinny sort of word. Aluminiummmm, woody sort of word though. Goooorrrnn [zeno, Apr 06 2009]


       I hate aluminium goal posts. Wooden ones are much better as the ball rebounds off of them with a satisfying thump instead of the dreadful, tinny ping that you get these days.

I don't like the netting either. There should always be at least six feet of unnecessary netting rolled up at the bottom of the goal so that the ball gets caught up in it whenever the ball goes in. Scoring a goal is good but it's much more satisfying when you get the added bonus of watching the goalkeeper entangling himself in the back of the net as he tries to retrieve the ball afterwards.

And whilst I'm in the mood, another thing that annoys me is... (etc, etc, ad infinitum)
DrBob, Apr 06 2009

       Sorry, it has to be grass all the way just for the feel of it.-
zeno, Apr 06 2009

       + I thought this might be some sort of turf put down near the goal to prevent the dirt spot that occurs where the goalie typically stands.
That may only exist in youth soccer, but I'm not sure.
Zimmy, Apr 06 2009

       If everybody would just grow up and stop playing football, this problem would go away.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 06 2009


       The mat is not under the entire goal, it runs only under the part that touches the ground, about 4-6 inches, just enough for a small mower to clear.
nomocrow, Apr 06 2009

       Couldn't you just pull the posts out of slots in the ground and put them somewhere else while you drive a mower over the goal?
Bad Jim, Apr 06 2009

       Yep I got that, won't stand for an inch of anything but grass.
zeno, Apr 07 2009

       <DrBob-esque rant>Can't these poncy, overpaid premiership players just use jumpers, like everyone else?</DrBob-esque rant>
hippo, Apr 07 2009

       A strimmer guard of a greater radius than the strimmer's cutting wire would prevent all scrapping. A mat would probably increase the probability of people tripping over it whilst playing the beautiful game.
Aristotle, Apr 07 2009

       Why is it so important for the powder coating on the aluminium (note correct spelling) post to remain inviolate?   

       Is your local soil so mercury soaked that you're worried about amalgam damage? Perhaps there's a "base rain" problem in your town and the hydroxide attacks exposed aluminium surfaces?
Custardguts, Apr 15 2009

       //Why is it so important for the powder coating on the aluminium (note correct spelling) post to remain inviolate? //   

       I'm sure that everyone is very much cooler with their grass- or-nothing-wooden-post soccer purist take, but as the person responsible for the grounds, I kind of take the powder coating as part of the equipment. If it gets beaten up and icky looking, it might look like I'm not doing my job. Our sponsors wouldn't like that.   

       And While we have no mercury or base problems, we do have a phenomenon called "friction," which, over time, wears away surfaces as successive layers of oxidization and bare metal are stripped away.
nomocrow, Apr 15 2009

       <Even more ranting> Ah, so you're the person responsible for the grounds, nomocrow! Why isn't there any mud on the pitches any more? When I was a lad they used to coat the pitch in at least a foot of mud before the game to make it more exciting and unpredictable and help us working class types to feel more at ease with our surroundings. Now you've got them all playing on billiard tables you've just encouraged people with actual, real money to come and watch the games. Where's the sense in that!
DrBob, Apr 17 2009

       I think I forgot to mention that this is Youth Soccer (AYSO). No one comes to our games but parents, so we are not encouraging an overly bourgeoisie atmosphere.   

       As for our "billiard tables," ours have obstacles such as large depressions in the field, ruts where someone did doughnuts in his truck, and after Katrina, trees across the field.   

       As for mud, the field recently flooded and left a bunch of silt. We had to get up three hours before dawn, have one hot pepper for breakfast with no tea, and lick the field clean with our tongues.
nomocrow, Apr 17 2009

       Ah well, that's alright then. Carry on! +
DrBob, Apr 17 2009


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