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Sheet Protector Luge.

Achieve more dangerous speeds
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Skates on ice have a very low coefficient of friction, this allows skaters, bobsledders and lugeists... lugers*... luge artists? to travel very quickly with only slight motivation.

Humans have made progress in this area however. It is now widely known that the lowest possible friction occurs within stacks of new sheet protectors. I have done some tests and I have concluded that the friction is in fact negative. No other explanation satisfies, how else could a stack of 300 of the little blighters travel about 40 feet when only dropped from 1 atom high?

Anyhow, you sit on a 5000 high stack, you're given the lightest shove and you travel 14 miles uphill to win the gold medal. Lovely.

*that's a type of gun, I think. Possibly as deadly as the luge.

bs0u0155, Sep 29 2016




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