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Standing Luge

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This is a sport in which contestants slide down a slippery slope (I'm still debating if it should be ice or teflon) in shoes with perfectly smooth, plastic (or maybe teflon-coated) soles. The only part of your body or outfit allowed to touch the ice is the soles of your shoes. Time is added to your run every time another part of your body or outfit touches the ice, based on how long it touches. If it's just a quick tap of a finger, a second is added. If you fall, then each second until you fully recover, 3 seconds are added to the run time.

No skates, no skis (sp?), no balance poles.

The object is to see who can get to bottom the fastest while keeping your balance.

21 Quest, Nov 27 2006


       Woohoo! Whou-euu-arrggh! *schplap-screeee* Ow...uhh... *scrabble, wobble* ...right, I'm up again noooooo- *schlook-kchrsnapppp* Aiiee! *whupwhupwhup... whupwhupthuddd* ...uhhhhhhh... *gurgle* [+]
imaginality, Nov 27 2006

       I was thinking, to add more levels of difficulty to the sport, speed bumps and sharp turns, possibly other obstacles as well, could be strategically placed in the more advanced courses.
21 Quest, Nov 27 2006

       I just hope it's only the turns that are sharp and not the obstacles as well.
imaginality, Nov 27 2006


       Actually, I think a very effective and challenging obstacle would be strategically placed limbo bars... hehehe!
21 Quest, Nov 27 2006

       Yey. I had a dream similar to this only it was in a half-pipe. Basically like snowboarding / skateboarding / whatever but on the soles of your feet thanks to slippery shoes. Weeeeeee! (I'd be shit at it, though)
squeak, Nov 28 2006

       We used to do a primitive version of this in my school days, sliding down a wet or frosty grass or paved slope.
webfishrune, Nov 28 2006

       Now I come to think of it, so did we. We'd sometimes spend an entire playtime working up a good shine on a patch of ice in the playground with up to 200 of us taking it in turns to slide'n'polish. Invariably, the next time we came outside, the slide had been gritted by our bitch dinner lady, Mrs Sprouting-Warts.
squeak, Nov 28 2006

       The quick and dirty version... If you have hardwood floors, spray Pledge or some other polish on the bottom of your socks and slide away. ahh those were the days.
craigts, Nov 28 2006

       This is a cool idea and would be fun to do but how do you plan on telling how long the finger touched and all the outer penalties
dev45, Nov 28 2006

       This sounds like the old school days when we put a piece of wax paper on a hot metal playground slide and tried to ride it down while standing. Ouch.
MoreCowbell, Nov 28 2006

       //how do you plan on telling how long the finger touched and all the outer penalties//

       The same way penalties are determined in any other sport. There would be watchers positioned along the run with stopwatches. Also cameras.
21 Quest, Nov 29 2006

       OK where do I sine up
dev45, Nov 29 2006

       Maybe in the kitchen? or perhaps the choir? I'm not sure [dev45].
craigts, Nov 29 2006

       You can sing the theme song for the advertising commercials, if you really want to.
21 Quest, Nov 29 2006

       I find I get a lot more distance with a luge when standing. Sometimes I suddenly lean forward as well.
bungston, Nov 29 2006

       Cool, how about a full loop or a corkscrew?   

       Precisely what I had in mind. WIth speed-bumps and limbo bars along the way on advanced courses.
21 Quest, Nov 30 2006

       sorry spelling and grammar are my enemies
dev45, Nov 30 2006

       Understand your enemy, and you will conquer him. Sun Tzu (well, maybe not, but it sounds like something he'd say)
jtp, Nov 30 2006

       Says the Pickle...

       (just kidding)
21 Quest, Nov 30 2006

       [JTP] thank you I will try
dev45, Nov 30 2006


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