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Teflon Luge

Summer sports!
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Teflon on teflon has one of the lowest friction coefficients known to man. That is why I thought of this idea. Coat the botton of a luge/bobsled in teflon after removing the blades. Then coat the track in teflon. Stick people in, shove down the hill, and enjoy!
DesertFox, Aug 14 2004

<link from Around TUIT> http://ffden-2.phys.../Opening%20page.htm
easy explaination of sledding physics [Around TUIT, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

<link from Around TUIT> http://www.school-f...tatic_materials.htm
[Around TUIT, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

(???) <link from Around TUIT> http://abcnews.go.c...igation_031114.html
yike! [Around TUIT, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       Yes, yes, yes. One slick bun for you.
absterge, Aug 15 2004

       Where's the freak'n brakes on this thing?   

       No steering=no competition
5th Earth, Aug 15 2004

       Have non-teflon parts for steering. And for brakes.
DesertFox, Aug 15 2004

       I like. This could be used for all sorts of transport.   

       Wheeless rollercoaster anyone?
Cats Whiskers, Aug 15 2004

       some links for you!   

       interesting premise, except all the suffering.   

       go fish
Around TUIT, Aug 15 2004

       I was planning for people to ride in the cars, not eat them.   

       Teflon is used on pans, which we cook food on. Hmmmm.......
DesertFox, Aug 15 2004

       What about the toxicity of the substance itself? All the rubbing is going to create bleed off of teflon to other areas besides the luge. What is its range? Does it get into the air? Is what friction there is causing the luge to heat up, causing bleed off?
Around TUIT, Aug 15 2004

       Teflon heats up in pans when used for cooking, yet our food isn't poisened. Hmmmmm.   

       Why do you not like this idea/\?
DesertFox, Aug 16 2004

       Have a single seat cocoon with teflon on all sides. The track becomes a tunnel. Giant square of jello to barrel into at the end. Winner is determined by how far they penetrated the jello, and escape by eating their way out.
destructionism, Aug 16 2004

       Assuming these things have a terminal velocity of about 150 mph, putting jello at the end is a bout as much use as putting a brick wall there.
Cats Whiskers, Aug 16 2004

       That depends on how much jello you have, and how you create the entry point
scubadooper, Aug 16 2004

       Whilst travelling at a high speed , a fluid object will do damage no matter how much of it there is.   

       You're best hope is to make the walls out of a substance with slightly more friction than teflon, and travel up a gentel slope until you stop.
Cats Whiskers, Aug 16 2004

       Other thoughts conjure in my mind about super-slick boogers that don't stick to your nose...
destructionism, Aug 16 2004

       // Teflon heats up in pans when used for cooking, yet our food isn't poisened. Hmmmmm.//[DesertFox]   

       Please read the third link on "Teflon Flu" or a google search on the topic.
Around TUIT, Aug 16 2004

       one could add teflon to the bottom of skis and surfboards as well. It would get rid of the need to wax your skis, and possibly make surfing little waves (the only kind we get in the east) more challenging
elfling, Aug 17 2004

       //super-slick boogers that don't stick to your nose// Stick to your Jell-O idea, [destructionism].
Machiavelli, Aug 17 2004


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