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The olympic egg slide

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I have recently discovered that boiled eggs cut in half and de-shelled very quickly straight from the pan slide very fast over pottery.I stumbeled across this when I had lost all four egg halfs in the journey from kitchen to couch.So I propose there be an olimpic sport called the egg slide.each competitor has to slide fresh egg halfs down a pot runway and up a ramp .The one that flies the furthest wins.
gizmo, Oct 28 2003


po, Oct 28 2003

       The Americans accuse the Russians of doping their eggs with K-Y Jelly!
phoenix, Oct 28 2003

       Does the competitor get to choose the species of bird used? I can imagine whole species being wiped out trying to find the slipperiest egg.
krelnik, Oct 28 2003

       Booths Free Range Eggs work really well!
gizmo, Oct 28 2003

       I be ikle I ony two
gizmo, Oct 29 2003

       what bliss said.
po, Oct 29 2003


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