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stationary gliding tube

Big and inflatable. It will blow you away!
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Gliding can be dangerous, way up there in the sky, so why not bring it down here? Have a large inflatable tube of sorts, and tether a glider. Use a large fan to simulate forward movement to create lift. Make the wind go a lot faster than regular glider speed. Maybe... 80 MPH, and give the person small wings.
twitch, Aug 11 2009

Skydive simulator http://www.youtube....watch?v=x3nX2xOsqdI
[wagster, Aug 11 2009]


       Er, so, a wind tunnel done cheap?
Or more tethered power-kite flying (man-lifting)?
neutrinos_shadow, Aug 11 2009

       I think it's just one of these on it's side (link) - i.e. a wind tunnel done cheap. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing though.
wagster, Aug 11 2009

       Yes, it's a cheap wind tunnel. Less training, more instant gratification, less liability.
twitch, Aug 11 2009


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