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olympic events2

Another olympic event - sock sliding
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Sock sliding

Athelete simply has a running start(similar to the long jump) on a waxed wooden floor then starts sliding at the line.

Points will be given for distance and aesthetics (ballet poses whilst sliding).

pevins, Jun 29 2000


       New sporting goods category: Teflon socks
rmutt, Jun 29 2000

       Surely the run up area should be made of something less slippery so the competitors don't fall over before reaching the line...   

       Hang on, cool idea! Some joker places strips of velcro or some-such material across the sliding area so when someone slides into it their socks come to an immediate stop. Extra points for most entertaining face smash!
MrTheRich, Jun 30 2000

       One idea I had awhile ago would be to have a footrace in which atheletes wore standardized slippery shoes while running down a straight track (oval would be a bit too hard probably). There'd be starting blocks, but once you started you'd be on your own; someone with good balance would be able to maintain speed without falling, but without good balance the event would be difficult.
supercat, Aug 23 2000


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