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Ski/Snowboard Edge Deburring File

Making anyone a pro-sharpener
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I have been snowboarding for a long time now and I like to keep riding a variety of terrain. Recently I got into riding rails, this action tears up my edges and makes it next to impossible to ride on icier conditions in following days.

Sharpening your edges is hard, and if not done professionally can be detrimental to the quality of riding.

I purchased a kit to sharpen the board myself however, I proved exactly what I stated in the previous paragraph, the step that I found to ruin my edges was the "deburring" stage, where you actually grind down your edges slightly completely the opposite way from what you had just worked to.

I propose a notch in the top of the file that you use for sharpening that will be at the same angle as most snowboard edges. So instead of grinding down your edges in the deburring stage, you actually make them sharper and the entire process faster and easier. Simple, cheap and very helpful.

Curiosity, May 15 2006


       I have a deburring tool, and I used to maintain my skis, but I don't understand what is being proposed here. A better description, please.
baconbrain, May 15 2006

       What's so bad about burrs, I asks ya? I think that deburring is just a scam to make you use up your edges faster. You can put up with some burrs. Wear them down the nautral way. They're Burrrrific!
bungston, May 15 2006


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