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year round skiing

plastic snow for ski resorts
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Plastic snow. Extruded plastic in the shape of a snowflake sliced into thin slices by the billions. Spred onto the slopes of a ski resort in the off season, the fake snow could act as a base for the real snow in the winter, and provide for skiing year round.
gootyam, Mar 05 2002

slippery lubricant for fake snow http://www.swri.org...at/releases/mds.htm
Military slime, might be useful here [Jeremi, Mar 05 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       2 options for year round:   

       1) Glacier (like Blackcomb) 2) Fly south/north as appropriate   

       Or maybe three, don't people sand ski? Or is that only in tv ads?
rbl, Mar 05 2002

       Yes they do, but I don't recommend it. Its too slow.
mcscotland, Mar 05 2002

       "the fake snow could act as a base for the real snow in the winter" ...I think the plastic would actually prevent the snow from sticking - i don't know any numbers to back this up but it must be something to do with specific heat...? physicist? anywhere? Anyway, shards of plastic to fall on?! no thanks, unless you buy me the tightly woven shard-proof suit to fall over in.
sappho, Mar 05 2002

       I'm sorry, I should make some constructively critical comment, but I just think this idea's rubbish. FIsh.
goff, Mar 05 2002

       - <minus
bristolz, Mar 05 2002

       Wet clay, or graphite would probably work, but not as good as snow.
stupop, Mar 05 2002

       KY Jelly
thumbwax, Mar 05 2002

       I've seen film of people skiing on mounds of sulfur (with appropriate breathing gear).
rbl, Mar 05 2002

       did you mean K2 Jelly, thumb?
po, Mar 05 2002

       Do we really need more plastic?
bluerowan, Mar 06 2002

pottedstu, Mar 06 2002

       Not a good idea, buddy. Plastic is a non-biodegradable substance and by speading it around the natural environment... well, lets just say the greenies won't be too happy.
Vardaannawen, Mar 09 2004

       I had the same idea last weekend when I was at the snow. Skiing in Australia (particularly this season) is pretty crappy.   

       And it's expensive. Problem is, we have only a few areas high and cold enough to get snow fall. Few snowy mountains = scarcity = high prices. Also we usually need to create snow artificially (by spray water over the slopes when the temperature falls below -8) increasing the cost further.   

       I don't think it's beyond the realm of possibility to create tiny Teflon beads that have similar properties to snow.   

       to allay environmental concerns, confine the fake snow to a particular mountain by sealing the perimeter.   

       Main problems I can see are: a) getting teflon beads in your eyes and mouth might be unpleasent; and b) snow has the whole 'phase change' thing which might be impossible to replicate.
xaviergisz, Aug 31 2006


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