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"White Christmas" Snow Co.

"We bring the snow to you"
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I know a machine exists that will blow atomized water over the ski slopes where it is already cold and will freeze and settle as fresh powder. The thing would be to add to that machine, a self freezing capability. So that you could sell that snow in southern climates, where snow is a real novelty. Someone having a Christmas party in southern California, might have you blow the front yard with an inch or so to create the desired ambiance. A Texas resident might order a load for the kids to play in on the 4th of july. I would imagine that on Christmas Eve, the proprietor would be awfully busy running around all night readying all the yards for a "white Christmas"
hard-scrabble, Nov 16 2002

Baked snow http://www.backyard...zard.com/rental.htm
Backyard Blizzard [thumbwax, Oct 04 2004]

Home Snow Making Machine http://www.hammache...promo=sp_outdoorfun
2nd Hammacher Schlemmer link in a week. [st3f, Oct 04 2004]


       Quite baked, solly
I must say these machines are quite effective - more than once, I saw "New York Street" on the Paramount Studios backlot turned into a snowy neighborhood. Coldest August in Hollywood, at least on that street...
thumbwax, Nov 16 2002

       why don't it melt in the california sun or the texas heat?
drfowler, Nov 16 2002

       Maybe it is just me, but does it seem a bit ridiculous to think that it wouldn't MELT, and very quickly? IT would be ok in cold climates...but it would never lay in warmer climates...the ground would be too warm.
drfowler, Nov 16 2002

       Interesting you mention that, [st3f]. I've noticed a disturbing congruence between the Halfbakery and the Hammacher Schlemmer catalogue since I've been here. Are halfbakers moonlighting over there?
snarfyguy, Nov 16 2002

       [N@N] My second notation was written in response to a notation before it that has since been deleted.   

       If something was put down for the snow to fall on to prevent melting, wouldn't that be too costly? You might as well pack the family up and drive north.
drfowler, Nov 16 2002

       One aspect of the concept-as-described not yet demonstrated here to have been baked is the seasonal aspect of the service. This reminds me of a similar halfbakery item; a retail establishment with a two-year season. Since the snowmaking is well-baked, the remaining task is to find industries whose capital allocations overlap with the snowmaking business, and whose work schedules don't overlap with those of a seasonal business whose season consists of Christmas. With that, you might have the makings of a time-share arrangement.
LoriZ, Nov 17 2002

       The idea really wasnt the machine to make the snow, as has been stated already exists. But, to lucratively sell that snow in a new market. Making the product available to the workaday shmuck. Absolutely, it would melt, but even on the hottest day it would last for a few hours. If put out on Christmas Eve it might last for several days, as it is common for night time temperature at this time of year to be fairly cool in these regions.
hard-scrabble, Nov 18 2002

       if this worked, i would ski in 27 degree (C) weather..
anonymous_coward, Sep 18 2003


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