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Snowcone Cannon

Raspberry, Lemon-lime, Bubblegum? SPLAT!
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Roland snickered quietly to himself, as he shovelled the hopper full of fresh, pristine snow. This was going to be fun and might even rehabilitate him a little in the eyes of the local school headmaster. The school fundraiser fete was on today and Roland was about to crash their party in the nicest possible way.

The hopper, mounted on his trailer, was fitted with a half dozen chutes, a rotating syrup dispenser, a small hydraulic press and a secondhand clay pigeon thrower.

The snow was shaken down the chutes, the syrup sprayed into the snow before the dispenser clicked on to the next flavour, the snow was then compacted and thrown in a hard-packed, sweet, brightly coloured disk, somewhere in a 60 degree arc, hopefully to collect a small child with a tasty, edible snowball.

If it worked for kids Roland was planning to try it with hard spirits at the next "Sauna and Snowbank" Swingers" Sinfest.

UnaBubba, May 10 2012




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