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Snow Plates

Really, really big ice crystals
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Next time you need some extra event embellishment, call Snow Plates and we’ll send a dirigible or helicopter to whiten your wedding or snow on your parade with giant dew discs.

Without divulging any trade secrets, we can reveal that the frosty Frisbees are carefully grown on glycerin swabbed glass before being transferred to refrigerated CD racks. These strong but light crystal coasters are devoid of sharp edges and float down like the first leaves of autumn.

Dreaming of a pink lemonade summer party with icy lollipops from the sky? Need some frozen porcelain to crush underfoot at your next Greek family festivity? The first ten callers will receive the bonus, one-breakfast boxed, colossal corn flake.

FarmerJohn, Apr 27 2003

Ice Shot Glasses http://www.barmans.ltd.uk/ice_shots.php
[FloridaManatee, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]


Just because I way dig your ideas
thumbwax, Apr 27 2003

       I thought these were going to be heated licence plates for the back of cars to keep snow off of them.
Cedar Park, Apr 27 2003

       There was a Wall Street Journal article a few months back about the difficulty of making realistic fake snow. I seem to recall that the most popular snow substitute was mashed potato flakes.
bungston, Apr 27 2003

       bungston: I believe I linked to it here.
FJ: How big can snow flakes actually grow?
DrCurry, Apr 27 2003

       Sorry to rain on your summer party, but how long are you expecting these ice sculptures to last, if light and thin enough to float, when dropped from a dirigible or plane in summer temperatures?
Cedar Park, Apr 27 2003

       DC: To achieve CD sized "flakes", the process would lie somewhere between frost on your window and filling a circular mold.   

       CP: Ha! Well, the initial thickness would be relative to the ambient temperature. Like summer hail, it's ground level lifetime would be measured in seconds.
FarmerJohn, Apr 28 2003


       im thinking of icecrystal glasses   

       on marble topped table   


       dappled shade   


       the melting could be tuned in too   


peter2, Apr 28 2003

       I want some of whatever you're smokin'   

FloridaManatee, Apr 28 2003


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