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something between cool overalls and capris without straps

same as the title...
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just imagine neat overals only without straps...held up by your breast.(this is for girls...)the fabric is a streachy material that makes it stay up.the fabric continues down the body all in one piece.the pants part can either be capries or regular pants.
lumpysausage007, Jan 06 2005

kinda like a boob tube with legs http://www.lxdirect...=this_product&Nty=1
[po, Jan 06 2005]

Strapless Jumpsuit with Capri Pant legs http://www.hotterth...s/queuejumpsuit.htm
Seems to have been done. Didn't Continental Airline stewardesses wear something like this in the late 1960's? [jurist, Jan 06 2005]


       Not to be worn near my brother.   

       P.S. A quick Froogle suggests that Capris are pants, no straps involved. I think you need a link so those of us who do not regularly wear women's clothing can have a clue what you're talking about.   

       P.P.S. Any idea for strapless tops is going to get my vote, however the heck they work.
DrCurry, Jan 06 2005

       Two words: crushed velvet.
reensure, Jan 06 2005

       A huge +.   

       I once had an idea here for overalls, for women, that had a velcro detachment at the waist line, so you could potty without the rigamaroo, of taking all your top stuff off. Susen was going to be the consulting engineer, but then she left for parts unknown.   

       I + anything that makes wearing overalls for women, and the bathroom issue, less cumbersumb.
blissmiss, Jan 06 2005

       I thought this was backless at first.
Eugene, Jan 06 2005

       Couldn't you make overalls/boiler suits with a flap in the back like the one-peice thermal underwear worn by grizzled old-timers in westerns?
oneoffdave, Jan 06 2005

       I'm with QM. This sounds like it's just a pair of trousers pulled up really really high.
Trout, Jan 13 2005

       "those of us who do not regularly wear women's clothing"
Doctor C., I think you need to do some first-hand research.
millionthMonkeyTyping, Jan 13 2005

       .. uh, can someone be more specific about just what amount is "regularly"? I'm asking for a friend.
JungFrankenstein, Jan 14 2005

       can this be used by fat men with 'man tits'?
DaveW-H, Jan 14 2005

       hey Jung Frank - just document your "friend's" wardrobe habits on this page. You'll receive an answer from the 1/2-baked community real fast...
millionthMonkeyTyping, Jan 14 2005


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