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Sock Puppet Pants

For a humorous way to break the ice on dates and to educate others about the dangers of STDs.
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These pants have a sock puppet sewn in where a traditional pocket would be on a standard set of trousers.

The puppet should be employed in certain specific situations when the aide of such a puppet emerging from one's pants fly would bring delight to all those who witness it.

In those embarrassing situations when a passerby indicates that your fly is down, simply insert your hand into this puppet and thank them graciously in high-pitched tones.

During lulls in conversation around the dining room table act out a famous scene from a popular movie about aliens, and win the high regard of your friends and colleagues.

If you are a school teacher tasked with the onerous duty of informing youngsters about the dangers of sexual intercourse, employ your Sock Puppet Pants to memorable and perhaps life preserving effect.

Finally, these pants can provide an excellent medium for expressing one's desire for the aforementioned dangerous sexual relations with a no doubt surprised, but inevitably wooed counterpart.

rcarty, Sep 07 2010

Dedicated to [Grogster] Sock_20Pocket_20Pants
[rcarty, Sep 07 2010]


       //around the dining room table//   

       This reminds me of an old joke about a guy who had an elephant's trunk grafted on and... oh, nevermind; I can't talk about where that biscuit disappeared to without bad dreams...
Grogster, Sep 07 2010

       Is that a sock puppet in your pants or are you just glad to see me?   

       And no, i'm not shaking your hand now
xxobot, Sep 09 2010

       Actually it's a sock puppet that's glad to see you.
rcarty, Sep 09 2010

       /expressing one's desire for the aforementioned dangerous sexual relations /   

       This would be especially effective if it were the female wearing the pants, with the sock puppet leering out to engulf the wooed.
bungston, Sep 27 2012

       I don't think you're taking this therapy seriously.
rcarty, Sep 27 2012

       I remember when socks were only for feet. O tempora o mores!
Phrontistery, Sep 28 2012


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