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The 'Pants Down'

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Getting changed this evening whilst drunk, I neglected to remove my shoes before attempting to take off my trousers. I walked about the house for some time with them around my feet and I considered their inherent novelty aesthetic value.

My girlfriend advised me not to leave the house with them in this position - and after some heated conversation I convinced her that this could in fact be a new fashion trend.

The 'Pants Down' will be marketed to the swinging 'devil-may-care' roust-a-bout scene for an over inflated price. Consisting of a pair of normal trousers sewed in the appropriate places so as you cant pull them up - with an accompanying codpiece/tights contraption resembling modest novelty tackle - you can paint the town red disguised as either a whacky sex fiend or a homeless port swilling cretin.

The host of the party we went to was the only one who understood my new fashion craze, but she politely asked me to change in her bedroom.

benfrost, Apr 28 2001

See through socks http://www.halfbake...ea/see-thru_20socks
Po's solution [bristolz, Mar 10 2002]


       Some girls in school uniform have the hems on their skirts with move-able hem-height, so that they can show more or less leg (depending on whether a teacher can see it). Others have no pants, etc underneath their dresses.   

       So this new (main male) fashion could have adjustable up-down pants, dependding on the weather, exhibitionism, etc.   

       I fave overalls, with nothing underneath the overall. But VERY LONG pocket slits, so that my raw, naked boy caan be seen as I move. Also, others can easily grope my body parts through the very large slits in the overalls.
gz, Apr 29 2001

       I'll bet it's a good thing for you the slits are large, otherwise it might be difficult for others to find 'em.
thumbwax, Apr 29 2001

       i think short skirts and no pants should become optional school uniform
edski, Apr 29 2001

       What I would like to know is why are socks the last article of clothing men take off. I have given this a lot of thought. Does it date back to the hunter gather time when one always had to have something on the feet in case of the occasional dinner strolling pass the cave entrance? Is it some deep seated train of thought that makes the male constantly ready for the quick exit, please note how many men sleep nearest the door through choice? Or is the worry over taking them off to wash and finding one has disappeared into the great washing machine in the third dimension that makes them reluctant to part with a pair? Or do they truly believe that wearing socks and nothing else is fundamentally desirable to women!!***** Some female imput please.
griffin, Apr 29 2001

       The third dimension??? Is that where all my socks are? Geez, if I had known that, I'd have left flatland years ago!
globaltourniquet, Apr 29 2001

       Socks come off last because our feet get cold.
Mr_Thundercleese, Mar 09 2002

       thank you Mr T for resurrecting this, the tears are washing my face as we speak.
po, Mar 09 2002

       Men should always take their socks off before their trousers as the socks only look is icky. Buffoonish, even.
bristolz, Mar 09 2002

thumbwax, Mar 10 2002

       Socks come off last because that's how one gets to them without wrinkling up the pants.
StarChaser, Mar 10 2002

       Practicality over sensuality
bristolz, Mar 10 2002


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