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Step away

Black list for the porn you don't like
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The initial idea was a browser extension which blocks, on popular porn sites, every title with data or metadata containing the word "step", since I can't search any subject at all without that word being in at least half of the results. But this could be extended to any number of disliked topics or fetishes. If enough people were to use it it would also discourage topic stuffing where people who post porn put every possible fetish in the title and metadada to deceptively garner views.

You may now pretend you don't watch porn and, just in this post, I'll pretend to believe you.
Voice, Jun 28 2023

It's all about data analytics https://www.reddit....ll_the_stepsibling/
[a1, Oct 30 2023]

Popped up in my reddit feed today https://www.reddit....hat_removes_all_of/
[Voice] - you are not alone. [a1, Dec 11 2023]


       Well designed sites track what you like. After you skip over stuff you DON'T like often enough in favor of something else, the good ones start serving up media more to your tastes.   

       Or so I've been told...
a1, Jun 28 2023

       Which site have you been told does that?
Voice, Jun 28 2023

       Amazon.com is pretty good about it.
a1, Jun 28 2023

       If you were to create a new fetish around topic-stuffing (on the grounds that it's now taboo), that would be quite metadada, I suppose.
pertinax, Oct 30 2023


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