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Porn for the blind

Embossed booby mags for blind people
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Need I say more? Why should blind people miss out on the action? Ok so maybe the category is a little ironic but it was the closest match I could find...
lukecleland, Sep 15 2005

(??) Fanny-assisted Oven Fanny-assisted_20Oven
everyone's capable of one bad idea.. I should know. [neilp, Sep 15 2005]

Frank Zappa (bottom of the section) ... http://en.wikipedia...life_and_influences
... famously once was jailed for producing a $100 porn audiotape. [jutta, Sep 15 2005]

is it this? http://www.cro-mags.com/
Nah, Mag-Lite then? [Susan, Sep 15 2005]

Klimt Water Serpents http://www.artchive...klimt_serpents2.jpg
Something like this, but deeper. [bungston, Sep 15 2005]

Porn for the Blind http://pornfortheblind.org/
[JesusHChrist, Mar 10 2013]


       I was thinking more along the lines of porn audio books, I don't think this would work very well. Are there any blind people reading this who could give us their opinion?
wagster, Sep 15 2005

       I can't see this working somehow.
skinflaps, Sep 15 2005

       Yes, it lacks vision ...
BunsenHoneydew, Sep 15 2005

       Consider, perhaps, that someone who is free of the unavoidable prejudices of appearances by which the rest of us are dogged, and who is restricted to explore the pleasures of tactile sensation, and who, in the dark, is not at all in the dark, has a better lot in that sphere of interaction than most people.   

       Love is, after all, blind.
Detly, Sep 15 2005

       [Murdoch], rearrange the following words : pot, kettle, black. Fanny assisted oven ? (see link).
neilp, Sep 15 2005

       rearrange the following words: hah hah.
skinflaps, Sep 15 2005

       I'll rearrange you, punk.
Detly, Sep 15 2005

       Punk, you.
wagster, Sep 15 2005

       I think they already market latex and silicone models of the necessarily erotic body parts that blind people could certainly use to get that ultimate participation in the baser enjoyments of society. However, I can imagine a magazine such as Playboy or Esquire publishing an embossed photo spread as a gimmic. I'm voting for this idea just on it's novelty. Erotic embossed post cards? Hmmm...This really has certain advertising charm.
Blisterbob, Sep 15 2005

       Photos for the blind -- thick?
reensure, Sep 15 2005

       given that a google search produces multiple entries, and that tactile feedback devices with Internet capabilities already exist, I would think that this is an idea whose time has come, and gone.
theircompetitor, Sep 15 2005

       After eyeballing this idea and the caning it got, I agree it's a dog.
normzone, Sep 15 2005

       <watching [Murdoch] burn to a crisp>   

       <and wondering what he heck 'mags' are>
Susan, Sep 15 2005

chocolateraindrops, Sep 15 2005

dentworth, Sep 15 2005

       I like it. There is a long line of wonderful ideas of this ilk on the HB, and this concept is clearly a scion of that tree. An ugly cousin, admittedly. Similar ideas, in my opinion, include sign language poetry /yodelling (seperate ideas, although poetry yodelling...hmmm...) and the many fine braille spinoffs.   

       I also like the idea of erotic embossing. I envision this as gold and scarlet curves and nubbins: sort of a textural Klimt painting.
bungston, Sep 15 2005

       can be read one handed?
schmendrick, Sep 15 2005

       Scratch and sniff. Who needs to see?
Dasher, Sep 16 2005

       Pornography is the reason I went blind in the first place.
kaeru, Sep 16 2005

       [kaeru]Do you want some "ille"?
Dub, Sep 16 2005

       Love is blindness, I don't want to see
Won't you wrap the night around me?

Fishrat, Sep 17 2005

       [Dub] I give up. What is "ille"? And yes I want some.
kaeru, Sep 17 2005

Detly, Sep 17 2005

       Robin Hood Men in Tight's (Mel Brooks film, hilarious)   

       In the beginning, when Robin Hood just gets home (which has been towed away) finds Blinken (the blind guy) feeling an embossed picture of a nude woman.   

       I'd say that this is baked.
DesertFox, Sep 17 2005

       [kaeru] Bra-less Braille, of course! Sad, I know. It was late.
Dub, Sep 17 2005

       Suppose you could merge this with all those runway ideas and have a Pamela Anderson shaped runway...
not_morrison_rm, Mar 11 2013


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