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Halfbakery with visualised memos
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I have just opened an account on this magnificent website, and enjoyed it immensely. Think it's amazing how we could take advantage of the power of collective intelligence here!

Just wanted to make a small suggestion which might help us to communicate more effectively. While glancing at some of the ideas here, I thought I could have understood some of them much easier had they had some visualised images with them.

For example, if you were to explain your new idea of a coffee mug, then it would be easier to get your point across by uploading some of your drawings as well!

If adding this function does not require additional investment into this website maintenance, then think it's worth we do it.

junkwhinger, Dec 15 2011

The functionality exists; just doesn't get used frequently. http://www.halfbake....html#illustrations
[swimswim, Dec 15 2011]

Flocking_20Road_20Cones One of the relatively rare illustrated ideas [spidermother, Dec 15 2011]


       how long have you been lurking [junk]?
po, Dec 15 2011

       As per [swimswim], it has/can be done, but I think linking to an external image-host works better. Keeps the hb 'tidier' too.
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 15 2011

       I've often thought it would be nice if there were a small window (say, no larger than the one I'm typing this anno in) to which a simple image could be uploaded by the poster of the idea.   

       Against: more clutter (and a less pleasingly uniform appearance) for the site.   

       For: not reliant on HB Illustrators to interpret ones idea; sketch visible on the page alongside the text; maybe more stable than a link to an external site.   

       On balance, [ ]. But welcome, [junkwhinger]
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 15 2011

       [marked-for-deletion] read the help file: "illustration".
[marked-for-category] now read it again: "category"
[marked-for-pedantry] "visualiZation".
FlyingToaster, Dec 16 2011


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